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We enjoy experimenting with new things and trends. As soon as a celebrity is seen donning a new look, we want to try that on. However, when it comes to beauty treatments, we are skeptical about their effectiveness. We want other people to try the trends first before giving it a shot ourselves. Infrared beauty treatment is one such advanced skin rejuvenation therapy that has taken everyone by storm. Cocoon Salon Virginia Beach has introduced infrared cocoon wellness pods that look fascinating and offer fantastic health results. 

If you are considering making a trip to one of those salons offering cocoon wellness pods, here are a few things you should know. 

Numerous studies and research on the effects of infrared radiation on the human body have indicated that infrared red changes the skin cells’ metabolism. The infrared light penetrates deeply into the skin cells to promote new cell growth and heal wounded cells. Cocoon wellness pods have therapeutic effects on our body besides making it younger and glowing. 

What is Cocoon Wellness Pod?

Cocoon wellness pod is one of the most advanced forms of infrared treatments that use FAR infrared heat spectrums. It’s a modern rejuvenation system that works like a traditional sauna but offers more advanced health and beauty benefits. In a nutshell, cocoon wellness pods are modern-day-sauna-systems. 

Cocoon wellness pod is designed to give a person total body and mind relaxation while helping them get rid of their ailments. The system is fitted with a dual wave vibration massager and aromatherapy. With only one session, one can experience the pod’s soothing effect on their body and mind. If you are struggling with weight loss or cellulite, a cocoon wellness pod could be the answer you are looking for. The system is effective in promoting healing in the body and treat muscle pain and soreness. 

How does Cocoon Wellness work?

The Cocoon wellness pod comprises an ergonomic bed attached with a vibrating massager and a lid close to the top. The person can enter the pod and rest on the bed to enjoy the massage. The temperature inside the pod is warm and can be further controlled through the panel inside. Besides this, the buttons and knobs in the pod allow one to set the massage and aroma’s speed. 

For how long will I have to be inside the cocoon pod?

A cocoon wellness pod session usually lasts up to 30 to 60 minutes. If you are going for a 30-minute session, you can spend 20 minutes inside the pod while the remaining time is for setting up the pod. 

Are there any suggestions for first-time users of the Cocoon Wellness Pod?

Technicians at tanning salons in Virginia Beach suggest first-time users of cocoon wellness pod go for a low-temperature setting. After taking few sessions, you can choose to increase the pod temperature and the massage’s intensity. 

How should I prepare for Cocoon Wellness Pod Session?

Unlike other beauty treatments like slim sculpt and spray tan, you must not prepare for the cocoon wellness pod. Just keep a towel to lie down on and a water bottle. Remember to keep yourself well hydrated after coming out from your cocoon treatment.